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Welcome to My Montana Roots by Wear Your Roots clothing, home of the original State Roots design.

Born as an exciting lifestyle clothing and accessories line, Montana Roots by WYR Clothing is all about celebrating the state we love, Montana. Whether you were born and raised here like us, or you found our home as the place to plant your roots, WYR provides a prideful collection that reflects traditions and the love shared for this beautiful state.

With humble beginnings in Missoula, Montana, WYR Clothing began in 2011 when two childhood friends, Aaron Sipe and Brandon Slocum, realized a design on a simple die cut sticker was something not only they could relate to, but other Montanans could as well. Soon known as "Montana Roots," the popularity of the design led to the print of their very first t-shirt. Slocum began selling these out of his pickup, and WYR Clothing was officially on the streets for the world to enjoy. Instantly selling out and constantly restocking every week, WYR quickly expanded their State Roots line from a basic tee, to include other apparel and accessories for not only men, but women and children, as well. Eventually, other lifestyle necessities such as hats, backpacks, and sunglasses were also added. WYR was granted the copyrights for all fifty states, and production soon started on printing and building an inventory for the entire country to represent their own State Roots!

Show those around you that you are proud of where you came from or where you've ended up. Wearing something from My Montana Roots allows you to share your journey with others. At the end of the day, it's the timeless traditions of the past and the memories from home that make us who we are. Stay grounded, preserve your roots.



"I love the quick shipping and the fact they had what I was looking for! They personalized my receipt with a thank you for shipping and I think that’s a credit that needs to be recognized! To many dealers have lost the personal touch!
Thank you and I will be ordering with you folks again!"

Chuck M

"I loved visiting this store! I had a custom shirt made in less than two minutes. I’m not from Montana but I for sure had Montana pride after visiting Wear Your Roots. All their merch is good quality, original, and really really uniquely cool."

Jenna S

"I’m so impressed by my stop at this shop! Not only do they have cute and unique prints, the man behind the counter was so welcoming and insanely charming. What an amazing experience! Just what I needed."

Ali L
The ORIGINAL Montana Roots
Locally Owned and Operated
The ORIGINAL Montana Roots
Locally Owned and Operated